(Originally published by Horror Sleaze Trash)

Kenny opened his eyes slowly, but the miniscule amount of sunlight coming in from the inch of open curtains was enough to make him squeeze them back shut.  His head ached and his stomach was twisted with pain.  The thirst that he felt was immeasurable.  Kenny pulled himself from the comfort of the plush hotel bed and staggered toward the sink for handfuls of tap water.  As he sucked down copious amounts of liquid, he attempted to put the pieces of the previous night together.  

Kenny was the singer of an up-and-coming band known as Winter’s Dread. He remembered opening the show for the well known, regional act, Gloomy Forebodings, then drinking, doing blow with the headlining act, and meeting some girls after the show. Kenny’s band played music on the extremely heavy side, so the majority of attendees were usually young and sweaty guys looking to fight. It shocked him that a fair amount of attractive girls were at the show.

He found a towel on the tile floor and picked it up to wipe his mouth and face.  The room was mostly dark, but obvious that it was littered with empty beer and liquor bottles.  Kenny made his way back toward the bed.  He just needed a few more hours of sleep before the band or their road manager would be knocking on his door.  As he went to lay back down, he was able to make out a figure on the opposite side of the bed.

Kenny then had a memory of a sexy blonde in a cut-off black t-shirt and short jean shorts, that came on to him pretty hard the previous night. She was with the group of girls backstage, and this one had taken a liking to him. A faint recollection of the two of them snorting heroin off a guitar case entered his brain. He then recalled getting head from her while others were in the room. He wished he could put more of the night together, but it all melded into a fuzzy blur.

Kenny crawled into the bed to snuggle up to the mystery girl.  He wanted to make some memories that couldn’t be forgotten.  As soon as his naked skin touched hers, he felt the cold, clamminess of death.  Kenny instantly released the tit of the corpse, retreated back, and sat up on the bed.  He switched on the side lamp and slowly turned to investigate. The once living, breathing, sexy blonde, was now wide-eyed, stiff, and lifeless, with dried vomit down the side of her face.  

Kenny frantically began to switch on every light in the room.  He knocked over bottles in his haste, which heightened his anxiety further.  The room had to be cleared of any illegal activity before he could do anything else.  He flushed every baggie that he found, empty or otherwise, and continued his search.  

Kenny found the purse of the dead girl and looked inside.  He removed her wallet to search for an I.D.  A driver’s license was visible through a clear portion of the wallet.  Jessica Stevens was her name, and she was only…16 years old!  Kenny’s heart dropped, his breath quickened, and a feeling of despair overtook him.

Kenny thought, not only is this girl dead, but she’s underage, and she died from drugs that I gave her.  He fell to his knees and broke down.  Kenny knew that there was no way out of this.  Thoughts of gloom, sadness, and regret overwhelmed his being.  

The eyes of the cadaver seemed to follow Kenny everywhere in the room he went.  He covered her head with the sheet, sat on the bed, and put his face in his hands.  Kenny knew that he had to call the police and give this girl the respect that she deserved.  He was terrified, but knew of no other option than to face the dismal consequences.  

Kenny picked up the phone with trembling hands, but before he could dial, there was a loud pounding on the door. 

“Police. Open the door,” a gruff voice shouted from the other side. 

Before Kenny could do anything, the door exploded open, and large monkey-like beasts rushed toward him.  The largest creature opened its mouth and revealed large jutting fangs.  Just before they entered Kenny’s skull, he woke in a panic. 

Kenny shot up in the bed, switched on the side lamp, and looked around.  He was in the same hotel room, but there weren’t bottles everywhere, and best of all, there wasn’t a dead girl beside him.  In fact, there was no one there but him. 

Kenny sighed deeply and let out a slight chuckle.  It was just a dream, he thought, as he laid back on the comfy, down pillows. 

However, the relief that Kenny felt didn’t last long.  The entire hotel began shaking violently.  He had been in a few earthquakes in the past, but never over twenty stories in the air.  Kenny was about to leave his room and find the stairwell, when the shaking intensified.  Rumblings, deafening crashes, and sounds of devastation flooded his ears.  Screams of terrified and dying people could be heard all around.  The hotel started to crumble and break apart.  Massive chunks of falling debri rained down on him, and the floor began to give way from under his feet. 

Kenny was awakened by his bunk shaking. It was lights out, and his cellmate, Big Chocolate, was ready for another piece of ass.