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my dog has had problems taking a shit as of late he doesn’t have stomach issues or anything of that nature an asshole mockingbird has been attacking him mercilessly squatting and vulnerable only to be interrupted mid-shit by unruly flapping and  pecks to his hind parts today that stopped I walked out of the house … Continue reading S.I.P.

Just Floating

I’m not spending my ‘free time’  as wisely as I should I sat down to flesh out  some ideas that I’ve  previously written when I got distracted by a motherfucker pulling a boat

Great Review

so I’ve been writing less it’s been eating at my existence nothing creative bursting only oozing out a smattering of decent offerings  but no solid traction or consistency well, I did write a review for a  company that did some work for me this review was well worded  and thought out easily  the best  most … Continue reading Great Review

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