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Fancy Pants

look at you  with your clean clothes  and fancy job I’d bet your hands  are that of a princess while my hands are  scarred scabbed callused you drive a car  much smarter than you your meals are  elegant and costly you condescend and patronize  all you deem lesser or beneath  the wife basically a stranger  … Continue reading Fancy Pants

The Taylor

(Originally published by Horror Sleaze Trash) I once thought I was in love with a whore she was married and fed me a buffet of lies tales of a separation and divorce I was a slave to the cunt a slave to that cunt many times stuck by the phone waiting on her call only … Continue reading The Taylor

Charlotte’s Bed

Charlotte grew up a fairly typical American girl.  She did very well in school, was in every major club, and was runner-up prom queen her senior year.  However, she was always drawn to the party lifestyle and guys that were the ‘bad boy’ type.  When Charlotte was 19, she got pregnant from a one night … Continue reading Charlotte’s Bed

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