Line at the club

it was a night like many 

years ago 

out at the club

two or three pills down

out of my goddamn mind

at one point I was talking to

some friends I came with but 

realized they were all just 

strangers staring at me 

like I was insane

sweaty and disoriented

living and loving life

awaiting the next adventure that 

lay ahead amongst the fake smoke

moving neon lights and

pounding beats

then it was seen

I must be hallucinating, I thought

a beautiful blonde in a summer dress

sitting on a stool against the wall

getting fucked by a menagerie of men

her tanned legs up

accepting a multitude of strange cock

her man beside her

a bulky brawn bald type

taking it all in

as she took them all in

petting her head like a cat

as one after another deep-dicked 

her for all patrons to see

at one point the straps

fell from her shoulders

exposing exquisite breasts

someone eventually 

pulled them back up

god forbid tits are out while

a public gangbang is in session

the bald guy had obviously seen enough

he got in on the action himself

pumping his drugged zombie 

mercilessly against the club wall

moments before he came

he pulled out

started jerking vigorously

shoved her head down

as she ingested his viscous offering

when they were leaving

he shook hands and gave

a handful of cash to a bouncer

as they exited

the club lights illuminated

streaks of cum and juices 

running down each of her legs

numerous people obviously 

had a good time that night

but she had more than a blast