On a balcony in New Orleans at night in the Central Business District

half a pie moon hovering

while fleeting 

mist-like clouds float on

causing a blurry outer edge

there’s a slight breeze

then there’s not

the air is unseasonably sticky

I drift off into the cityscape

hotel rooms and offices

light up and dim randomly

like shooting stars out of the 

corner of one’s eye 

jutting structures 

offer a multitude of colors

with some ever-changing

the city’s sound is comforting 

constant hums of

industrial a.c. units

lull me into a trance-like state

only to be jarred back by

sirens or honking horns


at these heights 

people don’t even exist

False Alarm

I was cutting grass

my wife shoveling dog shit

I began to feel weak 

confused and faint

is this my time I thought

my mother passed at 49 

my dad at 56

now in my mid-forties

I have to expect my time 

could come whenever

checked blood pressure

it was dangerously low

it’s never been low

always on the high side

that’s what took mom out

I’ve been struggling to get 

that under control for sometime 

my loving wife took up the slack on the yard 

as I rested and slowly began to feel better

not today

I thought

I went outside to get the grill ready 

cracked a cold one

fired up a cigar

looked around and 

took in the beauty of life