my dog has had problems

taking a shit as of late

he doesn’t have stomach issues

or anything of that nature

an asshole mockingbird has been

attacking him mercilessly

squatting and vulnerable

only to be interrupted mid-shit

by unruly flapping and 

pecks to his hind parts

today that stopped

I walked out of the house

to see the flying prick swoop

down at my dog as he tucked

his tail and ran frantically inside

the bird landed on an old stump

I retrieved a BB gun pistol that was

obviously fabricated before the 1970’s

I loaded the BB in the chamber

ratcheted the pump 10 times

cocked it and slowly made my way

toward the bird with my dog closely behind

I aimed and fired

the bird was hit and flew into the fence 

coming to rest under the fig tree

now I despise killing anything

but I love my dog and firmly believe

that he should be able to shit in

peace in his own yard

I showed the dead bird respect by 

giving it a proper yet fitting goodbye

I buried it next to the back fence

where I bury all of my dog’s shit