A half thought out, half pantser-style review, recommendation, observation, etc. 

The movie is called Pieles by Eduardo Casanova.  It’s a 2017 Spanish film that translates to Skins.  It’s definitely an interesting movie if you prefer your movies with a dash of ‘whatthefuck’, mixed with subtitles.  

The movie revolves around a cast of characters with a wide range of deformities and afflictions, and how each of their live’s are intertwined and/or completely fucked up in general. 

I wholeheartedly adored the scene where the girl with no eyes, just skinned-over sockets, realizes that her diamond eyes, given to her by a pedophile, were stolen, then swallowed by a fat waitress, who then has to shit them out. Then, cut to the girl with a hairy butthole for a mouth, who’s dreaming of the guy she ran over, who passionately hates his legs, and wants to be a mermaid. 

I’m not even mentioning the pregnant little person, burn victim, or avalanche, half-face lady.

Of course, it’s a lot more involved and detailed than that.  However, if that doesn’t scare you off, then it’s probably a movie you would either enjoy, or at least appreciate for its pure difference and sway from the norm. 

In conclusion, I can now say that I’ve actually watched, and somewhat enjoyed a foreign film. 

I can also say, that after years of only imaginative mental imagery, I’ve finally seen a somewhat passable anus mouth,

(Spoiler Alert)

…how one appears and sounds blowing out candles, and how it would be to tongue kiss one.