Henry’s Best Friend – (100 word story)

Henry loved Rosco ever since his dad brought him home over ten years ago. The two of them have been practically inseparable since. The only time spent apart was when Henry attended school. This day was pretty much like any other, with Henry and Rosco out in the large field beside the house. Rosco’s wheat-colored coat was shimmering in the blistering sun as Henry stroked his beloved friend. This brought back many pleasant memories of the two running and playing, or just lying around in that field. 

Henry got up, wiped his tears, picked up the shovel, and continued digging.

A good deed

I opened the door for a coworker

who was struggling with bags

he thanked me and I said

“well, that’s my good 

deed for the day”

he asked

“that’s your only deed

for the day huh?”

I said

“fuck no

my only GOOD deed

I’ve got some real evil shit

in the works as we speak”

Bird Brains

another glass of whiskey


this particular fluid

is a top shelf splurge

another cigar

but this stick 

has achieved soaring ranks

in magazines and online

you would think I’d feel classy

higher and happier than ever

indulging in such sumptuous vices

but I still feel like

the lousy representation 

of a human I always am

no matter what’s in my glass

or between my fingers

some things never change

and most things rarely

change my mind


birds repetitiously eat

the same monotonous shit everyday

but they are chirping loud as ever


my dog has had problems

taking a shit as of late

he doesn’t have stomach issues

or anything of that nature

an asshole mockingbird has been

attacking him mercilessly

squatting and vulnerable

only to be interrupted mid-shit

by unruly flapping and 

pecks to his hind parts

today that stopped

I walked out of the house

to see the flying prick swoop

down at my dog as he tucked

his tail and ran frantically inside

the bird landed on an old stump

I retrieved a BB gun pistol that was

obviously fabricated before the 1970’s

I loaded the BB in the chamber

ratcheted the pump 10 times

cocked it and slowly made my way

toward the bird with my dog closely behind

I aimed and fired

the bird was hit and flew into the fence 

before coming to rest under the fig tree

now I despise killing anything

but I love my dog and firmly believe

that he should be able to shit in

peace in his own yard

I showed the dead bird respect by 

giving it a proper yet fitting goodbye

I buried it next to the back fence

where I bury all of my dog’s shit

Great Review

so I’ve been writing less

it’s been eating at my existence

nothing creative bursting

only oozing out

a smattering of decent offerings 

but no solid traction or consistency

well, I did write a review for a 

company that did some work for me

this review was well worded 

and thought out


the best 

most glowing review

this company will ever get

I guess that’s something

I’ll put down the revolver

Play by play

the St. Louis Cardinals

are murdering the Atlanta Braves

at the moment

it’s the bottom of the 7th and

the Braves are losing 9 to 1

my father absolutely loved the Braves

I’ve been to several games

with him throughout the years

the last trip stands out immensely

it was a year before his death

the cancer had come back with a vengeance

he wanted to stay healthy as long as 

possible and not have the chemo kill him

despite his shortness of breath

and my multiple suggestions to turn back

he made it to the top of Stone Mountain

one last time

it seems somewhat poignant

watching the Braves 

get annihilated on Father’s Day

to see how one reacts to adversity

and overcomes challenges

in the face of utter darkness

is inspiring and devastating

all at the same time

the game ended after the third out

it’s a new rule this year

double-header games are limited

to 7 innings each

I was unaware of this until now

you just never know when the end will be


I was outside cutting my front lawn

when my neighbor approached me 

“You’re not going to cut it in 

a diamond pattern like Phil?”

I looked over at Phil’s place

then back to my neighbor

I said, “No.

No, I’m not.

Phil doesn’t work 50 or more hours 

a week in a scorching warehouse. 

Phil is sober.

Also, Phil is a pretentious douche.”

I continued cutting with a crooked smile.

A sad world of affairs

the planet gets smaller by the day

yet egos continue to swell

separate groups with

conflicting ideologies 

group separately

with ideas of conflict

one in the same in many regards

all flowing with blood

each one having








good times

and tears

the only real differences being

skin color

belief in God

political views

or financial disparities

it’s just so disheartening

we will all die alone

not truly knowing one another

Naturally Human

It was a crisp April morning

on a spring mountain trip

with the family. 

After a short hike my wife asked, 

“Do you ever just stop and 

listen to your surroundings?”

I said, “Yes, of course. 

However, I can’t say the same

for those loud-ass birds.”

Afterwards, I brought up primitive camping,

My wife was not interested one iota.

She started spewing falsities such as,

“We’ll get murdered out there. 

That’s where the serial killers are.”

I said, “Stop! Don’t do that. 

Don’t generalize and try to place

certain groups in specific pegs.

That’s just tacky.”

I let out a king’s breath of 

confidence before continuing,

“There are also child molesters out there.”

encapsulated nothingness

a descent down amongst lifelessness

inhibits facts about oneself

true images a facade

what you see in the mirror

nothing more than a counterfeit

a delusion of importance 

superseded by a

deluge of the unimportant 

drunk and bitching 


not exactly sure

what I’m bitching about


I do know why I’m drunk