Humble Realization

exiting the tunnel on my

drive home from work one day

when I noticed a bus with

the name Cougar Lines

printed on the side

my middle school mind

giggled from within

I looked over and noticed

nothing but geriatric women

I was disgusted

I grimaced and turned away

but quickly realized

that since I am now in my forties

those same decrepit woman

would in fact be my cougars

the joke just didn’t seem 

that funny anymore

Religion of Indifference

an insatiable desire

for animalistic urges

overtakes my being

tendencies toward a

tempestuous scenario

turbulent and tumultuous innards

garner a blackening anguish 

from within

an upheaval of frigid soul

or lack thereof

a careless catastrophe

caused by the need for change

blank stares toward a world

I’ve never known

or choose not to

midnight embraces

do nothing to heal the hurt

deadening from distillation

a chemical induced dulling

providing only a smidgen of relief

a smattering of significance

is sprinkled throughout

I’m just worried

that it will never be enough