Play by play

the St. Louis Cardinals

are murdering the Atlanta Braves

at the moment

it’s the bottom of the 7th and

the Braves are losing 9 to 1

my father absolutely loved the Braves

I’ve been to several games

with him throughout the years

the last trip stands out immensely

it was a year before his death

the cancer had come back with a vengeance

he wanted to stay healthy as long as 

possible and not have the chemo kill him

despite his shortness of breath

and my multiple suggestions to turn back

he made it to the top of Stone Mountain

one last time

it seems somewhat poignant

watching the Braves 

get annihilated on Father’s Day

to see how one reacts to adversity

and overcomes challenges

in the face of utter darkness

is inspiring and devastating

all at the same time

the game ended after the third out

it’s a new rule this year

double-header games are limited

to 7 innings each

I was unaware of this until now

you just never know when the end will be