on the way home from work one evening

I had to take the causeway instead of the bridge 

due to a wreck in the tunnel

toward the end of the causeway

I noticed multiple sections of bras

hanging on little two foot high clotheslines

there had to be approximately 500

sets on a roughly one mile stretch of road


all of the bras seemed to be

extraordinarily small in size

it’s like people only wanted to sacrifice their bras

if their daughter had outgrown

her training bra or something 

I was able to snap a pic while driving

but was not happy with the result

a day or two later riding with my wife

I told her to go back home via the causeway

I wanted to get out and get a good picture

but when we got to where all the bras were

they were gone

and so were all the little clotheslines

I told her about all the bras that were

there just a day or so earlier

she said

“yeah, it’s breast cancer awareness month”

I replied

“I thought that was February”

she said

“no, that’s black history month”

then I felt like a huge boob