I’m not getting any writing done tonight

having some Wild Turkey

and a stick on the back patio

watching cigar reviews

looking at cigar lighters online

I’m having a fairly relaxing night

but these goddamned flies keep pestering me

living around farmland in the summer

can be very fucking aggravating 

I wasn’t supposed to drink tonight

my wife and I were going to try and make

it until Friday until we had a drink


it’s Tuesday

she called me after work saying

“I really want a drink.

I’ve had a bad day…

…these new procedures with this pandemic…

…added another to my schedule.”

okay, I thought

you don’t have to sell me

she had me at ‘drink’

gives me a good reason to smoke a cigar

but now the goddamned flies are making

my relaxing time almost unbearable

swarming my head like a rotting corpse

I’ve already found two dead

floating in the glass

they went out like men

well, I really don’t know

the anatomy of flies

so it could have been

a little cutie trying

to get my sweet nectar

…so now I’m sexualizing flies?

with the ambiguities of fly fucking

I guess I’m done for the night

the stick’s about burnt

the drink nearly drained

and dinner has probably

been done an hour ago

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