Sexagenarian Reptilian

(Originally published by Horror Sleaze Trash)

I stayed with my grandparents 

a lot as a young child.

my grandmother was a very

liberal person when it came

to the human body.

she would get undressed

in front of me, and allow me to

look at my grandfather’s 

playboys while he was at work.

she would be in the bed reading,

and I would be at the foot of the 

bed not reading the articles.

at night I slept in between

my grandparents in the bed.

on one occasion, my grandfather

was working the graveyard shift

at the paper mill, and it was 

just me and my grandmother.

we got into bed and I put

my little leg across her’s

as I usually did at night.

however, this time 

something strange happened,

and I said to my grandmother,

“Nana, you make my lizard long”


she was either thinking ‘it’s time 

he sleeps in another room’ or,

‘shit, I still got it’