August Soldier

sitting out back on the patio

trying to enjoy my drink and cigar

I’m dripping sweat because 

it’s August in the southeast U.S.

the flies are swarming

making it impossible to relax

I go inside and ask my wife

where the fly swatter is

I take it outside and begin

mass murdering the little bastards

but as soon as I kill three

four more are on me

hovering my drink and

crashing into my head

the cigar smoke does 

nothing to calm them

then I start saying the word

‘fly swatter’ out loud

it begins to sound absurd

like it’s not even a word

I recall as a youth when I

pronounced it ‘flyswuter’

I then think to myself,

we have some real

ballsy motherfuckers here

I’m holding the goddamn killing

instrument in my hand

and they continue to swarm me

landing on my face and arms

driving me absolutely mad

I look at the swatter

it’s seen better days

the plastic is starting to 

come apart from the metal

you can’t expect to win a war

with a broken weapon

this battle is theirs

I retreat back inside