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I recently found out about

a study that was done

that ranked my city as

the 3rd most miserable city

in the entire United States.

it drew on the Gallup-Healthways

well-being index for its data.

(whatever that is)

it used statistics from




mental and

physical health.

in the Gallup survey,

my fine city’s residents 

were more likely to say

that they were



worried or


than those in most any other area.

for multiple years in the past,

my city has had one of the highest

crime rates per capita in America.

one year even being called the

‘murder capital of the country’

with the population taken into account.

my city was ranked

as one of the worst

in the nation

for both

emotional and

physical health.

well it’s good to know

I’m not alone,

that I’m just a product

of my downtrodden and

forlorn environment.

thank you Gallup,

for your reassurance…