Wet in June…

weather wise today was

a regular Tuesday in June

half-bearable at 5 a.m.

god awful hot not long after

so humid that I was dripping by 8 a.m.

then a darkening of clouds

cool breezes lick the sweat

a reprieve from the gods

the rain begins

the breeze quickens and the work slows

win win

then the rain stops

those not familiar with the south

will not understand

a goddamned cooking begins

a boiling moist environment

perspiring gallons

the only relief

a small fan near the front

although work is spread amongst

numerous square footage

later at home I feel like a glass and stick

I load the grill with briquettes

pour a barrel proof drink

and toast a cigar my wife

bought for me in Boston

I’m in a relatively pleasant mood

not too much can perturb me

the sweat I’ve dealt with

the flies I’m used to

I get the cooking done

and let the flies swarm

the cigar tasty 

the drink sublime

the meal exquisite

life could be worse