You never know

most of the time grilling is relaxing

just you

a drink

the cigar

and the meat


sometimes it can also be stressful

your coals don’t seem hot enough

then the fuckers are too hot

not to mention hotspots

having to manipulate and

strategically place the hunks of flesh

this evening was one of those

I couldn’t even enjoy my cigar

nor the drink I had poured

in a constant battle with the flame

but I eventually prevailed

now that the meat is done

it’s just me

and outside

finally able to calm down

take the world in

enjoy both the drink and the stick

earlier today on the television

I observed a wildebeest taken down

by a cheetah and then eaten

but I also witnessed a young chimpanzee

escape from a group of irate elders

intent on causing harm

it just goes to show

sometimes life or death will get you

but if you are lucky

you’ll escape to fight another day

as I write this

a cardinal is sitting atop

the weathered wood of a fence

reminding me of the beauty of life

…and the flies can’t even ruin my night