A day for remembrance

…(notice the flies)

sitting out back again

toasting a Padron

and sipping some Rare Breed

I also have seafood gumbo 

on the stove cooking with

added Conecuh sausage

I guess it could be considered

another fancy Friday

but today doesn’t seem that joyous

no need to celebrate

just give honor and respect

we just attended my grandmother’s

funeral mass where she was remembered

tomorrow will be the graveside service

she had to be cremated

so I guess they’ll just go

through the motions as if

the body was present

the plot was more than likely

bought in advance with hopes of a 

burial before a global pandemic 

today I saw numerous uncles

aunts and cousins that I haven’t

seen in a long while

it was good to reconnect

some were wearing masks

most were not

I did feel a little guilty

and uneasy hugging

shaking hands

and talking face to face

but they were my family

my cousin from L.A. thought

it was a welcome relief

he said

“you can’t go anywhere without a mask”

maybe they have it right

in my ‘liberal’ ‘southern’ opinion


the mass was nice

I got a little emotional

when her two sons that died

got brought up during speeches

one being my dad

as usual the flies are swarming

and one is in my glass

this is $50 Rare Breed

I’ll be damned if I pour it out