About the drink on a Sunday night

(Published by The Rye Whiskey Review)

a sacrament untitled

well the bottle does have a label

so let us just call it a necessary evil

be it a middle shelf offering

lacking character or depth

still respectable and getting the job done

or perhaps it is a monthly splurge

a bottle that gets its accolades

and love from communities online

with a plethora of pictures and reviews

maybe even a bottom shelf throwaway

with a screw top that gets overlooked

that still has some bite to give

or god forbid

the unicorn

the bottle that most strive for

but only a few get to experience

one that cost way too much retail

not to mention the secondary market

a love affair with a liquid

sad to some

forbidden to certain groups 

an occasion to others

essential for a few

whatever it is to you

I’ll drink to that