Back up plan

on the back patio again

enjoying a top shelf whiskey

and a middle shelf stick

I guess you wonder if I 

ever do anything else

well I do

but half isn’t worth writing about

just working to make

the rich more rich

trying to survive 

there are now four teenage

boys in my living room playing

video games and eating my food

they are my stepson’s friends

I don’t make a habit of 

hanging with teenage boys

that’s part of the reason why I’m

outside trying to enjoy my 

brown stick and fluid

I say trying because

these goddamned flies

are making living hard for me

landing in my hair

on my face

hovering around my drink

just being pests for the sake of it

an ice cream truck just rolled through

playing the anthem of pedophillia

I should go get his contact information

just in case the boys act up tonight