Good Friday

“hey weirdo” 

the neighbor kid yells 

from across the fence as 

I prepare the grill

I have a brown stick hanging

from my lips and I give him

the ‘horns’ salute

pointer and pinky finger

it’s like an acceptable middle finger

the dog is barking at him

and honestly I don’t blame the animal

the kid goes inside and

the dog loses interest

he comes and lays by the patio

I say, “hey, watch this”

I squirt the half flaming coals

with additional lighter fluid

and the flames rise high with a burst

the dog gets spooked

and runs away from it

“I’m magic” I say to the dog

he’s not impressed

my stepson’s friend just 

arrived to stay the night

no peace will be had

the whiskey will help with that

I have the makeshift blooming

onion on and soon will add 

the filets of hand cut beef tenderloin

I’m sipping Rare Breed and puffing a Padron

it’s a fucking fancy Friday

the kids would probably 

make that a hashtag 


I think that’s how it goes