Birthday 2005

(Originally published by Horror Sleaze Trash) – 2020

…figured today was fitting

I went to a parade downtown

saw floats, saw tits, saw drunks

drove to my folk’s rental in spanish fort

my mom, taking tequila shots

my dad, working shift work at the mill

a great meal offered and ingested

a great day

I thought

“is it hot in here?” my mother asked

“not to me,” I replied

as I searched for drum and bass ringtones

for my new phone just purchased for me

“I’m having trouble breathing,” she said

time is of the essence I thought

I called 911

I put a leash on the dog

as my mother went to the back

to get dressed for the ambulance

she returned with fear in her eyes, asking

“when will they be here?”

at that time

I assume

realizing she had no heart beat

I was unaware of this at that point

looking back

I should have called again

but I was in complete denial and comforting her

I watched my mother die a fast death

to her

I’m sure it was slow

suffocating, turning purple, and scared

no breath to be had

despite trying

I said, “I love you.”

somehow between gasps of air

she was able to get out

“I love you too

tell your dad”

I said, “I know, save your breath.”

no heartbeat

no breath

no hope

no help

flailing and convulsing upon the floor

not a goddamn thing I could do

but stare in shock

where the fuck are the paramedics I thought

finally they arrived and began working on her

at the hospital questions were answered

blood pressure skyrocketed

heart stopped

and lungs slowly filled with fluid

my mother had drowned from within

the lungs drained

the heart revived

but consciousness had not returned

her brain had been without oxygen for about an hour

left in a vegetative state

we waited two weeks for a miracle

or at least

any sign of improvement

or life

kept alive by machines

that’s no life

that’s not life

the machines were switched off

and I watched my mother die 

for the second time


A half thought out, half pantser-style review, recommendation, observation, etc. 

The movie is called Pieles by Eduardo Casanova.  It’s a 2017 Spanish film that translates to Skins.  It’s definitely an interesting movie if you prefer your movies with a dash of ‘whatthefuck’, mixed with subtitles.  

The movie revolves around a cast of characters with a wide range of deformities and afflictions, and how each of their live’s are intertwined and/or completely fucked up in general. 

I wholeheartedly adored the scene where the girl with no eyes, just skinned-over sockets, realizes that her diamond eyes, given to her by a pedophile, were stolen, then swallowed by a fat waitress, who then has to shit them out. Then, cut to the girl with a hairy butthole for a mouth, who’s dreaming of the guy she ran over, who passionately hates his legs, and wants to be a mermaid. 

I’m not even mentioning the pregnant little person, burn victim, or avalanche, half-face lady.

Of course, it’s a lot more involved and detailed than that.  However, if that doesn’t scare you off, then it’s probably a movie you would either enjoy, or at least appreciate for its pure difference and sway from the norm. 

In conclusion, I can now say that I’ve actually watched, and somewhat enjoyed a foreign film. 

I can also say, that after years of only imaginative mental imagery, I’ve finally seen a somewhat passable anus mouth,

(Spoiler Alert)

…how one appears and sounds blowing out candles, and how it would be to tongue kiss one.